Prayer Wall

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9


Dear Father,Thank you for all you have given me. You say ask and I shall receive and you have done this. I am forever grateful and blessed!!! I pray for your continued guidance, support and love as I venture into a new semester, two new healthcare positions and new discovery of the love of my life. I pray you help me continue to excel, achieve and grow! I pray you send my Boaz into my life! I pray you help me find the one who I can share my life with, grow with, have fun with, and have a family with as well! I pray I will accomplish my goals of being a DNP and my work performance will improve each day! I pray for good health and fortune. I pray for my family, friends, patients, roommates and past, present and future acquaintances. I pray for Jonny, Nick, Brett, Derick, Kristin, Dee, Jean and Gene and his family. As always, I love you and so grateful for you!!! Your daughter! Mel


5 hours ago

General prayer

Prayer for my CV and the application form which is going to Maistra Hotel in Rovinj, Croatia ( Amarin, Eden, Mulini)to play a fair play game in choosing the right people for a job and against any discrimination because of age,religion or motherhood.Prayer for my mother-in-law Anica Giorgi to humble herself before God and repent of her evil ways and take me back where I belong with my son and husband David. Praying for him to have a change of heart and mind, for his blind eyes to see the truth, and repent of his evil ways and his evil tongue. Prayer for the primary school in Bale-Valle in Istria which my son Alessandro attends that God would open his mind to learn quickly and give him understanding and knowledge he needs to be the best pupil in his class and never again be seperated from me as his beloved mother who cares for him as I did prayefully long before he was born. Prayer for the Hotel Hvar in Jelsa, for Darko Kekez and Ksenija Babaja. Prayer against the evil spirits in Jesus N


7 hours ago

I want God to guide me and my daughter's

I feel lost,i need peace of mind. I need a new orientation from God.


7 hours ago

Restoration of Marriage

My prayer is for my husband who has left home for over a month now. I pray God will lead my husband to salvation. That he will give his life to Jesus once and for all! That he will be a faithful husband foresaking all others, for God to bind every spirit of adultery in him, and also for him to be a loving father to our two toddler boys. I pray that God will lead my husband home to his rightful place in his timing! That God will transform him into a new creation for his glory. I pray for my husband who still has his ex Who has an Ishmael baby for him doing witchcraft on him for our marriage never to succeed and for him not to be with me and our kids. I pray God will lead this woman like he lead Hagar. That every curse of witchcraft will be cancelled in Jesus name. And finally for a restoration to come for my marriage and seal it with God's hedge of protection! In Jesus name I pray! Amen!


7 hours ago

Divine Protection + Guidance for our Families

Eternal Father, I humbly confess my sinful contributions to turmoil in our world. FORGIVE me LORD, and do not evade from my heart. To help alleviate the load of social ills that are derailing the train to serenity and peace in our world, I need Your Holy Spirit to chase demonic agents away from our homes, playgrounds, worksites, hospitals, worship centers, etc. I pray for miraculous healing of Your faithful families afflicted with physical + mental illnesses; Guidance for parents overwhelmed with childrearing difficulties; Hope for those grieving the loss of trust, affection, respect, financial, mental + moral support from spouses and relatives. Consolation for children deprived of parental love + guidance. Aba, I pray that Your Holy Spirit persistently motivate + convince adults fostering them of the necessity to internalize and display competence in Your lessons about EFFECTIVE LOVE, as revealed in 1 Corinthians 13:1-13. May they honor their connection to the Holy Trinity by modeling


7 hours ago